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Crazy Edmonton Ice Cream Flavors

Five outlets with five of the wildest ice cream flavours in town

Gone are the days when all you could get to crown your cone was ice cream available only in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Today, there are hundreds of flavours out there, and if you want to indulge in something other than the tried and true, a few outlets would love to tempt your palate. We found the wildest options we could think of that exist in town as a challenge. Thankfully, at press time, all the venues in this top five list have pickup or curbside delivery, but check their websites for updates.

Choc ‘n’ Chili (Marble Slab Creamery)

Some like it hot, some like it cold. But Marble Slab took both preferences into consideration with this food fusion that’s bound to wake up the taste buds. Lest you think that the scoop will involve a messy blend of chocolate, ground beef and kidney beans, worry not. This spicy and sweet offering includes dark double chocolate, some vanilla and cinnamon and a hit of cayenne. (

Peanut Butter Heat (Revolution Ice Cream)

This Old Strathcona spot certainly comes up with some ideas about as irreverent as the neighbourhood surrounding the establishment. This flavour consisting of peanut butter with a healthy kick of chili spices will likely push your senses in overdrive. And as proof of their community spirit, they also have a flavour dedicated to the famed local district called the 

Scona Fog. (

Sweet Corn and Blueberry (Kind Ice Cream)

We know we live in an age of food pairings, but who would have thought that corn from South America would make for a good match with the local, venerable blueberry? The folks at Kind who created this combo claim that the two items balance each other out for a unique taste. And it was concocted for a good cause as part of proceeds from sales of this flavour go to the Youth Emeregency Shelter Society. (

Toyo with Carmeled Chow Mein (Yelo’d Ice Cream & Bake Shoppe)

Nope, you’re not looking at part of an Asian menu. This is an ice cream flavor that comes from the local mom and pop shop that does everything by hand. In this case, the flavour consist of soya sauce which apparently tastes like brown sugar and salted caramel. And for a crunch you might not expect, sink your teeth into the chow mein noodles added to the mix. (

Matcha Green Tea (Scoop n Roll Creamery)

For those who like an ice cream that has loads of antioxidants to improve the well-being of your vital organs, you can’t go wrong with this flavor that’s probably the most exotic in this franchise’s lineup. The added benefit to health fanatics is that the flavour’s also totally vegan. ( 

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