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Plamondon Mud Bog

July 12

For those who love nothing better than to cake their tires — never mind their entire vehicles — in the mud, the Plamondon Mud Bogs are the perfect playground.

Afterall, Canadian Mud Racing Organization enthusiasts know it, as the premiere event of the season.

Throughout the weekend literally tons of steel will rip its way across the Plamondon Motor Sports Park just outside of Lac La Biche.

Started by a couple of guys, their Jeeps, and the undeniable need to get muddy, the event grew into the organized event it is today, giving circuit CMRO racers a place to do some bogging as well as some amateur mud lovers.

Galliver said that if participating in the bogs “was something you have to plan for, and invest in a vehicle for that type of work.”

Over the weekend, the hamlet of Plamondon will grow from a population of 350 to welcome roughly 10 times that number of visitors to the bogs along with all the party time trappings: live music, DJs and beer gardens. And, of course, the down and dirty main event.


Plamondon Motor Sports Park

96 A Ave
Edmonton, Alberta T0A 2T0 Canada
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Cost: Free