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Fashion & Art

A melding of two creative disciplines inspires a tapestry of wonder.

For decades, visual art has triggered the creative impulses of top designers around the world, but its melding has never been more vivid than in recent years. Which is why we put the works of abstract landscape painter Samantha Williams-Chapelsky, a two-time recipient of the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts to the test. The result? A contrast of art and fashion that passes with flying colours.

“The Place That Cannot Be” Acrylic on Canvas 40” Diameter $3000 Free People One Fine Day Mini Dress $170 with Free People Montgomery Slouch Boot $328 from Pink Paire
“I Am Lost And Found” Acrylic on Canvas36” x 36” $2500 “I Reflect You, You Reflect Me” Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 36” $2500 Gentle Fawn Heron Kimono $55, Black Tape Tank $40 from Pink Paire , Candice Skinny Jeans $140 from Monjeloco Jeans and Ted Baker Saviopl Heels $280 from Cerulean Boutique
“The World’s Greatest” Acrylic on Canvas 40” Diameter $2500 Faithfull The Brand Ari Midi Dress $160 from Pink Paire

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