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Five recommended flowers to brighten your surroundings

Flower pots add beauty to any home exterior. They are also easy to maintain. Anita Kuhlmann, one of the owners of Kuhlmann’s Greenhouse Garden Market, recommends using a good quality, all-purpose potting soil mix, along with a water-soluble fertilizer as often as once a week. 

Kuhlmann also says that it is better to use larger containers rather than ones that are too small. “Especially in the hot sun, smaller containers dry out quickly, plants get root-bound in the summer, and it’s harder to water them well,” she explains. 

This is especially important for hanging baskets, where there is both wind and sun to consider, as well as placement around the edge of the house so rain is not hitting them.

Finding the right plants to add that super splash of colour is also easy. Kuhlmann recommends the following popular annuals:

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