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20 Questions

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How much do you know about Edmonton and the rest of the Capital Region? Whether you’ve lived in the area all your life or are a relative newcomer, there’s plenty about this spot in on the Canadian prairie that’s still relatively unknown to residents. Try your luck with this local trivia quiz and if you’re stuck, answers are at the bottom. 

1. How many episodes of SCTV were taped in Edmonton?

a. 12

b. 13

c. 24

d. 26

2. Only one Alberta Premier was born in Edmonton. Who was it?

a. Rachel Notley

b. Jim Prentice

c. Arthur Sifton

d. Ed Stelmach

3. Which of the following is the aboriginal name for Edmonton?

a.  Ahousat

b. Amiskwaskihagen

c.  Maskekosihk

d.  Shaganappi

4. Which of the following is a sister city to Edmonton?

a. Austin, Texas

b. Barcelona, Spain

c. Harbin, China

d. Kiev, Ukraine

5. Which NHL great recently had an arena named after him in his native St. Albert?

a. Joe Benoit

b. Jarome Iginla

c. Mark Messier

d. Colton Parayko

6. What song was written in Edmonton by Leonard Cohen?

a. Bird On A Wire

b. Closing Time

c. Sisters of Mercy

d. Suzanne

7. Which Edmonton hockey team won Olympic gold for Canada?

a. Flyers

b. Mercurys

c. Oil Kings

d. Thistles

8. How long is Edmonton’s River Valley stretch of parkland?

a. 11 km

b. 22 km

c. 33 km

d. 44 km 

9. How many LED lights illuminate the High Level Bridge at night?

a. 30,000

b. 40.000

c. 50,000

d. 60,000

10. Which member of the band The Pursuit Of Happiness hails from St. Albert?

a. Moe Berg

b. Adam Gregory

c. Corb Lund

d. Alfred Zappacosta

11. How many seasons did the Spruce Grove Mets exist in the Alberta Junior Hockey League?

a. one

b. two

c. three

d. four

12. Which Star Trek saga actor was falsely rumoured as a candidate to replace Citadel Theatre Artistic Director Robin Phillips in 1995?

a. James Doohan

b. Kate Mulgrew

c. William Shatner

d. Patrick Stewart

13. What Spruce Grove roadway was named after a local Olympic athlete?

a. Grant Fuhr

b. Jennifer Heil

c. Stephanie Labbe

d. Carla MacLeod

14. Which city is at a lower latitude than Edmonton?

a. Amsterdam

b. Glasgow

c. Helsinki

d. Riga

15. Which ex-Edmonton celeb shares a songwriting credit on a Rolling Stones song?

a. Kerri Anderson

b. Tommy Chong

c. David Foster

d. k.d. lang

16. Edmonton’s first native-born mayor occupied that position twice, but only on an interim basis. Who was he?

a. Terry Cavanagh

b. Ron Hayter

c. Ed Leger

d. Cec Purves

17. Which magazine referred to Edmonton as a “cultural deprivation tank?”

a. Maclean’s

b. Newsweek

c. Playboy

d. Rolling Stone

18. Which star of The Young and the Restless was born in St. Albert?

a. Steve Burton

b. Sharon Case

c. Jason Thompson

d. Jess Walton

19. The Edmonton Protocol is a surgical procedure focusing on which human organ?

a. heart

b. lungs

c. pancreas

d. stomach

20. Which star of the drama series Law & Order was born in Edmonton?

a. George Dzundza

b. Dann Florek

c. Jill Hennessey

d. Michael Moriarty


1d, 2a, 3b, 4c: 5b; 6c; 7b; 8b; 9d; 10a; 11c; 12d; 13b; 14a; 15d;16a; 17d; 18c; 19c; 20c

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